For centuries, winemaking has been a tradition in the Steitz family. There have been so many generations that it is impossible to fully count them. Historical documents owned by the estate show that, in the year 1512, one Nikolaus Steitz already worked as a winegrower. As a matter of fact, winemaking is in the Steitz family’s genes.




The distinctive features of the manor as we see it today date back to 1913. The barrel vaulted space, which was originally used as a feed store, was built in the same year. Over the last few decades, the former barn and granary were carefully rebuilt and expanded. These days, they serve the estate as modern wine cellars, a tasting room and a guest house.




Up until the turn of the millennium, STEITZ was still a classic mixed farm that ran an agricultural business alongside winegrowing.


When Christian Steitz took over the estate’s management, he implemented a pure focus on winegrowing. This has been very successful, as proved by many awards and top reviews in renowned wine guides.