Winegrowing in close touch with nature is of particular importance at Weingut STEITZ and is the basis for our work in the vineyard. Thus we completely forego any use of synthetic agents. Instead, we protect our grapes from fungal diseases with alternative remedies such as whey, baking powder or sulphur.

In addition, we regularly analyze the nutritional values of the soil and, if necessary, improve them by purely organic means. Doing this, we have to hit the golden mean, since providing too many nutrients is disadvantageous, for it would make the vines grow too fast.

The new wine year starts in winter with the yield-reducing pruning of the grapevines. By doing this, we lay the foundation for harvesting fully ripe grapes in the following autumn. The motto here definitely is: quality before quantity.

The pruning of the grapes is later followed by extensive work on the vines themselves (such as removing unwanted shoots), in order to keep the canopy well ventilated. At our estate, we pay particular attention to canopy management by using defoliation, up to the point where the grapes are sometimes laid completely bare. This is important to protect the vines from all kinds of diseases. The harvesting of unripe grapes in August is another measure taken by Weingut STEITZ in order to reduce yields.


The harvesting of the fully ripe and healthy grapes is carried out selectively, meaning in several cycles, with the aim of hitting the optimal point in time of harvesting for each grape variety and desired vinification method.