The work of the cellar actually begins in the vineyard, where the harvested grapes are collected in small containers. When they arrive at the winery, it is important to tease out the aromatic potential inherent in the berries’ skins. To achieve this, the grapes are gently and selectively crushed (the best way for this continues to be the traditional method of treading). Depending on the vintage and the winemaker’s gut feeling, the grapes are then left standing in their own juice for several hours or up to a number of days. The technical term for this process is maceration, and it is absolutely crucial to use only healthy grapes in this process.


The grapes are placed in the press exclusively by tipping the containers. In this phase, we never use a pump, since we wish to avoid undesired tannins. Pressing and fermentation are followed by the long ageing of the wines on the fine lees, which allows them to fully develop.


Our white village wines (Ortsweine) and single-vineyard wines are vinified very gently and “spontaneously“, meaning with the grapes’ own yeast strains. Our red wines are exclusively produced by way of traditional fermentation on the skins. These, too, are allowed to ferment spontaneously whenever possible. Our target is to produce wines that are full of character.


The white wines mature in stainless steel tanks as well as large wooden barrels. Our red wines also develop in wooden barrels. Besides, we naturally also use the smaller barrique barrels here.