Just like porphyry, andesite originates from the Permian, about 280 million years ago. As opposed to porphyry, which stems from solidified magma, andesite is created when a volcano breaks out and the lava cools down on the earth’s surface. In the air pockets that were generated when the lava cooled, quartzites called agates formed over millions of years. Today, you can still easily find these agates on those vineyards of our estate that contain andesite.


Over the geological periods that followed, soil developed. Today’s rather shallow and rocky soil only has a limited water storing capacity, but it warms up particularly well, which is advantageous for the ripening of the grapes.


Wines from our sites containing andesite are lean and dominated by minerals. Their elegance is conveyed by nuanced fruity flavors and well-balanced acidity.