The western part of the Heerkretz, oriented towards Neu-Bamberg, is mostly steep and one of the vineyard sites with the greatest altitude in all of Rheinhessen at almost 250 m above sea-level – the perfect location for our Rieslings. On the Heerkretz it is always a little cooler than on sites that are situated at lower altitudes. Consequently, the vines have a significantly longer growing season and can enrichen the grapes with a particularly large amount of minerals. Westerly winds ensure good ventilation and a drying of leaves and grapes.


The Heerkretz mainly consists of weathered porphyry. This renders the management of the topsoils quite difficult, because these dry off fast and harden. In times past, this made working the soil particularly exhausting.


This is reflected in the component “kretz” of the site’s name, which is derived from the German verb “kratzen“ (to scrape). The name part “Heer” (army) comes from an ancient military road that led through the valley towards Neu-Bamberg.

The site has also been designated as a small nature reserve, because rare plants such as the pasque flower, wild orchids and heather feel very much at home here.