Our estate is situated in the small wine-growing village of Stein-Bockenheim, in the far western corner of Rheinhessen, directly bordering the wine-growing regions Nahe and Pfalz. It is here where the two hilly regions Rheinhessisches Hügelland and Nordpfälzer Bergland merge into one another. The foothills of the latter are also known as Rheinhessen Switzerland.


As far as climate is concerned, the area around Stein-Bockenheim is almost predestined for winegrowing. Protected by the Donnersberg mountain range, the region is one of Germany’s warmest and most arid. Strong rainfalls are an exception here.


The terroir of the vineyards is characterized by volcanic rocks, or more precisely: porphyry and andesite. Both types of rock offer an exciting potential for delicate wines of unique character that are extremely rich in minerals.


“Every year, I want to bring my very own interpretation of landscape, climate and grape variety to the glass,” says Christian Steitz. Together with a great amount of passion, these high standards lay the foundation for premium wines from Rheinhessen.


Weingut STEITZ cultivates roughly 15 ha of vineyard acreage, with sites distributed all around the village of Stein-Bockenheim. On the Steitz vineyards, 75% of the vines planted are white wine, and 25% of the acreage is dedicated to red grape varieties. With regard to the white varieties, the focus is on Pinot varieties, Riesling and Silvaner. Pinot Noir is the most important red grape variety.